Ostrich Nation

Ostrich Nation

Dedicated to all Nigerians to mark the 50th anniversary of our country’s independence; to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you mad and maybe, just maybe, to make you think. But please don’t think too deeply because we don’t want to lose our hard-earned title as the happiest people on earth now do we?

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The Ostrich is a creature of world renown. Despite its long neck and big-belle, , and its eyes that are larger than its brain, it is recognizable less by its appearance than by its conduct, most notably its tendency to bury its small head in the sand leaving its big yansh in the air. Native to Africa, it is the fastest bird on land but, although blessed with large wings, it cannot fly.

The breeding of Ostriches in Nigeria started as an experiment in Bornu, in Northern Nigeria by the mad Lord Frederick Lugard

in the early 1900s. His other more famous experiment was his attempt, in 1914, to make a nation, that his mistress named “Nigeria”,

out of the more than 250 historically and linguistically distinct nations that were to be found in and around the area of the river of

the river Niger. The result is a State bearing a close resemblance to the mythical Hydra with one body and many heads.